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We service most makes and models of Industrial Water Purification equipment and systems

Starting with equipment located where the water enters your facility, just after the back flow preventer
       * Back washable Multimedia, Greensand, and Carbon Filtration
       * Water Softeners
       * Reverse Osmosis
       * Continous Electro-Deiozonation and Automatic DI water systems
       * Ozone 
       * Ultra Violet
       * Chemical feed systems
       * Instrumentation to include ORP, Ph, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved and Ambient Ozone
              Flow, Temperature, Pressure
       * Controllers / Stagers / Control panels

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13658 Everest Ave             Fax: 952-431-7221
St. Paul,  MN  55124         Cell: 612-309-3359